Author Interview: Jacinta Maree


Interview with Aussie Author: Jacinta Maree

Born in Melbourne Australia, Jacinta Maree considers herself a chocoholic with an obsession with dragons, video gaming and Japan. She writes a variety of genres including YA paranormal, steampunk, horror, new adult, dystopian and fantasy. Winner of 2014 Horror of the year and bestselling author, Jacinta has taken time from her busy schedule to answer some fun questions the Crew of the Jolly Roger have been dying to ask.

1. Tell us something about yourself and your writing.


I am forever trying to better myself, change my approach and test my capabilities with my writing. I don’t believe I found my perfect voice yet, or my chosen style so when I release books I really do take into consideration what works for readers and what doesn’t.


That being said, my first priority when I write is self-expression, enjoyment and a sense of achievement. I don’t want to just follow the fab, I want to explore new ideas, new approaches and recipes and truly create something that sparks conversation. That’s my ideal goal.  


2. What was your inspiration for Nadia in Soulless?


Nadia’s basic character design and attributes came from the video games, The Last of Us, and, Tomb Raider. She is a product of her environment meaning she has a strong will to survive while trying to stay true to her morals. Unfortunately, in her world these two qualities often clash. One of my favourite things to write about are different types of relationship dynamics. I enjoy exploring unanswered philosophical questions and forcing two opposing characters together to see how their personalities could either clash or mould with the other.


Nadia has been redefining herself and her values through every step of her journey. It especially becomes complicated when convicted felon Diesel takes her under his wing, and slowly convinces her that the worse qualities she sees in him and those around her, are in fact necessary. As the reader, you get to watch how every choice she makes either strengthens or deconstructs Nadia as a person and see exactly how she decides to continue on with the consequences.


3. Do you have a favourite writing spot?


Writing isn’t so much as a place I need to be in physically, but a state of mind. Funny enough, my most productive time is when I’m meant to be doing something else. When I have the time to write is often when I can’t.


4. What is one of more difficult things about your work?


I don’t like being predictable, and sometimes my unpredictability makes it difficult to ensure everything makes sense. And sometimes, the characters you’ve created don’t suit the pathway you want them to take so you need to try and stay true to your character’s motives while pushing the story in the direction it needs to go.  It’s a complicated balancing act.



5. Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?


Go out and talk to other writers you find online or at conventions. Having people in the industry who can support and help you through this exciting new journey is very important. I know I personally love helping out aspiring writers, but I have had my hand bitten a few times too so I would also suggest being respectful and thoughtful to those you approach. There needs to be a mutual respect from both parties to make any type of relationship work.



6. What is your favourite Spec Fic genre to read for fun?


My favourite genre is dystopian. That mix of danger, adrenaline and important reflection is something I found fascinating.


7. If you could run away to any fiction world, where would you go and why?


I would most likely want to escape to a world with magic, or to a future where technology is so advanced our lifestyles have changed completely. There’s no exact world I want to live in, mainly because many worlds come with their dosages of problems. A utopian world would be best.


8. Pirates or Faeries?


Umm, faeries I guess. Historically speaking, pirates are not nice people. And aren’t pirates just ordinary people who steal for a living? Faeries open up new possibilities to our reality. May even introduce magic, and that’ll be pretty damn cool.


9. Aliens or Vampires?


I guess you need to take into consideration what version of vampires and aliens we are talking about. Both can be argued as predatory creatures and therefore dangerous.

If I am picking which one I want to be a reality, then I would say aliens. If the question is which one would I rather be a part of, I would still say aliens. There are too many limitations and rules to being a vampire.


10. Give us an awesome book recommendation to go with our theme, "the Stories we Keep".


I would suggest reading the classic Peter Pan story, it fills me up with wonder and amazement. Truly enriching read.



Posted November 2nd at 9:01pm