Creator Interview: Annalise Jensen


Interview with an Aussie Creator: Annalise Jensen
The stunning Illustrator Annalise Jensen
takes a few minutes from her crazy schedule to answer
some interesting and truly important questions!

1. Tell us about your company/artworks.

I am a freelance artist and I love drawing art of fantasy characters and worlds! I draw both traditionally and digitally, using traditional pencil lines and then colouring digitally on photoshop. I do commissions and art for conventions in my spare time, while I am studying  animation full time.

2. What kind of loot do you make?

I am an illustrator and I primarily make prints and other flat artworks like stickers and bookmarks. I also sometimes dabble in making colouring books and notebooks.

3. Do you have a favourite item to craft? Or Favourite stage of the creative process?

I love colouring! It’s so fun and relaxing to be able to relax and colour after working hard on the lines! Colour always make the work look so much more magical and real!

4. What is one of the most difficult things about your work?

Making and creating art will always come with it’s challenges, one of the biggest difficulties is getting burnt out and feeling like you can’t draw anymore.  Having artist’s block is extremely discouraging and sometimes takes weeks to get out of. Also drawing feet and backgrounds can be very difficult, but maybe one day I will get better at them!

5. What hint can you give us about the exclusive product you helped create?

It’s of one of my favourite book characters!! Looking badass (well I think so) with an awesome hat!

6. What's your favourite Spec-fic genre?

I love the high fantasy genre! Or a combination of high fantasy and science fiction, I am always a sucker for characters using time travel or magic in contrasting genres. Then again, I do love modern fantasy so, they’re all great!

7. If you could run away to any fictional world, where would you go and why?

 Maybe Middle Earth in Hobbiton, or Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha universe! Middle Earth has such interesting fantasy creatures, and I love the humbleness of the hobbits and the huge homey vibe they give off. Though on the other hand, Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse has such interesting magic and world building, I wouldn’t mind being a grisha or even living in a world where they existed!

8. Pirates or Faeries?


9. Aliens or Vampires?


10. Give us an awesome book/movie/tv recommendation that goes with this box's theme; "Charming Cutthroats".

Cutthroat Island! It’s a movie from the 90’s, with Geena Davis and another good looking actor, it make my bi heart swell watching them on their swashbuckling adventure! It’s a bit dated, but the story is fun and who doesn’t love pirates, deception and romance?!

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Posted August 24th at 11:44pm