Creator Interview: Femmecraft


Interview with an Aussie Creator: Femmecraft
The fabulous Cassie Goodwin from Femmecraft is a feminist and
creator of amazing jewellery, badges and merchandise. We took a few minutes from her
busy schedule to ask her some interesting and truly important questions

 1.       Tell us about you and your company.
        Femmecraft is a one woman festival of glitter, fandom and feminism all sealed under a layer of crystal clear resin. 

2.       What kind of loot do you make?
I'm always adding new things, but at the moment Femmecraft stocks all sorts of accessories - pendants, earrings, badges, even hand painted           
compact mirrors! 

  3       Do you have a favourite item to craft? Or. Favourite stage of the creative process?

          My favourite stage of the creative process is hearing back from happy customers. The things I make hold a lot of meaning for me, and I work                 

          hard on them, so it's just the best feeling knowing someone likes what I do. 

4.       What is one of the most difficult things about your work?
If you've ever worked with resin, you'll know bubbles are THE DEVIL. I hate them with an entirety disproportionate passion. 

5.       What inspired your exclusive product?
I was inspired to make SPOILER by the wonderful memories I have of reading as a child. I grew up with four siblings, so our house was often overcrowded and loud. But as soon as I picked up a book I could wander off anywhere - to the stars themselves. 

6.       What's your favourite Spec-fic genre?
This is a really difficult question. I'm going to go with scifi - I adore the explorations of philosophy and humanity you find in the books that are often dubbed "soft" scifi. 

7.       If you could run away to any fictional world, where would you go and why?
Narnia, obviously. Mr. Tumnus and I have a date for tea. 

8.      Pirates or Faeries?

Faeries, because in older versions of fairy tales they're often quite mischievous or downright wicked, and I dig that. 

9.       Aliens or Vampires?
Vampires, because I'm not interested in dying if I can help it. 

10.     Give us an awesome book reccomendation that goes with this box's theme; "the Stories we keep".
The City, Not Long After by Pat Murphy is a book I'll tell anyone and everyone about, whether they're interested or not. It's a post apocalyptic story, but the overarching theme is the tension between fighting for what you believe in, and how you choose to fight. I won't spoil the story, but it's an incredible examination of humanity, art, and the role of artists within society. 

Posted October 7th at 8:15am