Creator Interview: Garage Games

Interview with an Aussie Creator: Garage Games
One of the wicked-cool creators at Garage Games
takes a few minutes from his busy schedule to answer
some interesting and truly important questions!

1. Tell us about your Company

Garage Games is a small board game design company that I started up as a hobby. The team is small and dedicated. We love playing board games but we especially love designing them.

2. What kind of loot do you make?


I make board games, I love making board games that focus on political intrigue and have either a fantasy or science fiction element to them.


3. Do you have a favourite item to craft? Or Favourite stage of the creative process?


My favourite stage of the creative process, specifically for board games, is the playtesting stage. I love showing people what I have been working on and seeing what parts of the game they enjoy the most. It also allows me to really work out what doesn’t work in my game design and fix it.


4. What is one of the most difficult things about your work?


Finding the time to be able to do it. Garage Games is a hobby business and I still have to work my day job. If I had the chance I would go into full-time design.


5. What hint can you give us about the Garage Games included product?


None, my lips are sealed.


6. What's your favourite Spec-fic genre?


Hard Science Fiction, I love imagining what the world might be like in the future. They are also, usually, very well thought out.


7. If you could run away to any fictional world, where would you go and why?


The world of Ready Player One, I am an avid computer gamer but I would hate the pay to win aspect of the Oasis.


8. Pirates or Faeries?




9. Aliens or Vampires?




10. Give us an awesome book/movie/tv recommendation that goes with this box's theme; "Not Trustworthy".


The Fables comic book series, all your favourite fairy tale characters hiding amongst humans after a disaster occurs in their own world.

Posted April 29th at 10:58pm