Creator Interview: LatherNScrub

Interview with an Aussie Creator: LatherNScrub
The fabulous Cara is the powerhouse behind LatherNScrub; an artisan soap store that specialises in hand-crafted, natural products . We took a few minutes from her
busy schedule to ask her some interesting and truly important questions!

1. Tell us about your Company

My name is Cara, im 26 and a stay at home mum to 1. Growing up I have always had a passion for soap. We travelled a lot to various countries and I would collect the complimentary soaps from all the places we stayed. I have never parted with my collection, every now and then I take the box off the shelf and remember all the places we have been too. For me soaps bring up happy memories of our fun times traveling. I'm married now with a 2 year old who suffers from eczema and I strive to live as natural as possible. I tried so many different soaps but Ivy seemed to react to all of them. I started researching soap making; there had to be a soap that wouldn't flare up my daughters eczema. I started with melt n pour bases but then decided I wanted complete control over the ingredients used so I dived head first into cold process soap making and have never looked back. My first batch, a very basic soap consisted of sustainable palm, coconut and olive oil and I have been using it on my daughter with no flare ups ever since. My business started with soaps but has branched out into natural deodorants, lip balms, body scrubs and soon to be releasing my homemade washing powder plus many more products being trialled and tested.

2. What kind of loot do you make?
I make handcrafted artisan soaps, home and body products.

3. Do you have a favourite item to craft? Or Favourite stage of the creative process?
My favourite product to make is my cold processed artisan soaps, for me they are my creative outlet and connection to my childhood travels.

4. What is one of the most difficult things about your work?
Juggling my time; Im the creator, designer, maker, packer; everything that goes into running a home business is done by me, plus I have a hubby and 2 year old who also need my time and attention.

5. What hint can you give us about the LatherNScrub exclusive product?
Its the little things in life that make all the difference.

6. What's your favourite Spec-fic genre?
Scifi, im a star wars girl

7. If you could run away to any fictional world, where would you go and why?
Never Never Land, Wouldnt it be great to live like the lost boys and never grow up! 

8. Pirates or Faeries?
Both again I grew up with Peter Pan how could you not love Tink and Captain Hook!

9. Aliens or Vampires?
Aliens Im a scifi girl

10. Give us an awesome book/movie/tv reccomendation that goes with this box's theme; "the Faerie Court".
Bridge to Terabithia, Narnia, Eragon, not to mention Peter Pan!

Posted December 10th at 10:26pm