Why Never Never?

The Never Never Book Box is named for many a magical reference. We wanted our name to represent how expansive speculative fiction can be, and still reflect our Australian roots.

The Never Never is a name given to a vast, remote area of the Australian Outback. Believed to be a term originally be used by the Indigenous Maluka People, it has been used in many Australian texts, and often represents the ethereal nature of the desert; both beautiful and terrifying. It was famously used in Barcroft Boake’s poem, “Where the Dead Men Lie.”
Remote regions of Queensland and the Northern Territory are still referred to as The Never Never, even today.  The Never Never is as much a state of mind as it is a place. Where truly mysterious things happen.

The most well-known reference is, of course, Never Never Land from J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. Found at the Second Star to the right, Never Never Land is a place of magic, adventure and wonder; where children never grow up.
A place where you can do anything, be anyone. And where magic thrives.

What is Spec fic?

Spec fic, or speculative fiction, is an umbrella term used to describe various narrative works in which the setting is other than the real world. This could involve supernatural, futuristic, or other imagined elements. Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror and Paranormal fiction all fall under this umbrella term.

We here at Never Never HQ love all things fantastical. So for all the other Aussie SFF Fans, we are working to create a curated experience that revels in all things spec fic!

Do you ship overseas?


Whilst we created The Never Never Book Box with the Australian Spec Fic community in mind, we are always keen for our International Lost Boys to join us. Our shipping guidelines can be found here.

Currently, we are using the National Postal service (AusPost) and are simply passing on their shipping prices. We are working on finding a better and more affordable delivery service, and will pass on all of the savings to you.